This is Breezy
The Central Park Zoo has two senior sea lions. They live in a separate enclosure from the other three sea lions. They have a heater to keep them warm and waterfall that Breezy uses as a massage. The rock in the front is good for sunbathing.

Breezy is 36 and is the oldest sea lion in any zoo in the world She is now blind but will follow the sound of voices and can follow her keepers voice instructions. Her favorite word is beautiful.

Photo by the Animal Department

This is Seaweed
Seaweed just celebrated her 30th birthday. She is the last sea lion to be captured in the wild before the marine mammal act. She started her training at the Long Island game farm with her keeper Max who called her " Weede Girl." She then went to the Aquarium where keeper Ann took care of her. She is now joined with Breezy to enjoy her rock, sunshine, and the folks who come to visit her.

Photo by Ferne Spieler

Senior Sealions: Breezy and Seaweed
Senior Sealions
Senior Sealions
As many of you know Seaweed-- age 30 has joined Breezy 30 +++ in her enclosure. Imagine my surprise when I came in and found the two sharing the rock that I call "Breezy's Rock"

Photos by Joan Scheier

Senior Sealions
Seaweed (left ) and Breezy on rock from inside of the enclosure.

Senior Sealions
Breezy (left) and Seaweed- taken from outside of the enclosure.

Senior Sealions
Breezy( left) from inside the enclosure- close up.

Yula and Seaweed
Yula with Seaweed (left) and Breezy. Yula is the assistant curator of animals.

Harbor Seal
Central Park Zoo Senior Veterinary Technician Berni Leahy touches the cage of a male harbor seal, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2005, at the Marine Animal Lifeline facility in Westbrook, Maine. The seal, unable to be released into the wild due to vision problems, is headed for the Central Park Zoo.
(AP Photo/Joel Page)

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