Nap Time at the Zoo
Naptime at the Zoo Sealion Naptime at the Zoo

Othello the steer Top left loves to lean on his ball for a nap.
Gus the Polar Bear
Snow Leopard

Photos on left by Linda Hanhilammi and Photo of Sealion napping by Rebecca Koffler

More Animals Napping at The Central Park Zoo
Gus Napping on his back
Gus the Polar Bear napping on his back.

Gus Napping on his rock
Gus the Polar Bear napping with a pillow rock.

Birds Napping
Birds napping.

Bat Napping
Bat napping.

Coati Napping
Coati catching a snooze.

Snow Monkeys napping
Snow monkeys napping.


Scarlet Ibis
Scarlet Ibis.

Snoozing Sea Lion
Snoozing Sea Lion.

Napping King Penguin
Napping King Penguin.

Napping Snow Leopard
Napping Snow Leopard.

Napping Red Panda on hay
Napping Red Panda on hay.

Napping Red Panda in tree
Napping Red Panda in tree.

Lion Headed Tamarin
Lion Headed Tamaringetting ready for his nap.

Photos by Linda Hanhilammi

Central Park Zoo Central Park Zoo Central Park Zoo Central Park Zoo Central Park Zoo

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