Autumn at the Central Park Zoo

Path From Main Zoo

This is the view taken on the path from the Main Zoo to the Children's Zoo. Photo by Rebecca K., Monday Guide.

Snow Monkey Gus
Snow Monkey enjoying the carved pumpkin and Gus the Polar Bear enjoying the first taste of the pumpkin.

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard against a backdrop of autumn foliage.
Sea Lion Napping Sea Lion
One of our Sea Lions taking a nap.
Eagle Main Zoo
Eagle in Art Form.
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard
Snow Monkey Snow Monkeys
Snow Monkeys among the leaves.

Photos by Linda H.

Mongoose Mongoose
A Mongoose head over heels for the pumpkin. They like the tops, too.

Snow Monkey Snow Monkey
Snow Monkeys wash their food before eating.

Colorful Bushes Foliage on 5th Avenue
A Dogwood tree with pink tinges and a Honeylocust tree with Fifth Avenue in the background.

Snow Leopard Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard with pumpkin treat.

Burning Bush Burning Bush Euonymus alatus compacta

Photos by Rebecca K. Monday Guide at the Central Park Zoo

The Author At Age 8
Author at Age 8
Joan Scheier remembers going to the zoo from the age of 8 with her older brother. She is now a wildlife guide at the zoo. Living in Manhattan she walked across the park through the zoo everyday while attending Hunter College. During the 1960's she went to the zoo with her two sons Allen and Jerry. Her favorite animals then and now are the sea lions. Today she greets guests and give chats and tours. Her grandson, Zachary, refers to the Central Park Zoo as "Grandma's Zoo."

Central Park Zoo Central Park Zoo Central Park Zoo Central Park Zoo Central Park Zoo

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